University Communications completed the process of finalizing the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color builds for the new brand colors. Navy, gold, and gray are the only colors updated with this new information. In this process, the CMYK numbers have been finalized for different print production equipment and different types of paper to ensure brand color consistency.

Therefore, there are different CMYK color builds for offset and digital printing, as well as for coated and uncoated paper. Offset printing means conventional printing with a printing press that uses plates. Digital printing means a printing press that does not use plates, and is generally used for projects that require fewer quantities. These CMYK color builds provide our schools, colleges, and departments with better color consistency across vendors, printing equipment, and paper styles.

Please update your records regarding UNCG colors to reflect these new variations effective January, 2019. For specific questions contact

UNCG Brand Guide page regarding colors.

Download a .pdf file of the UNCG Color Guide.