Usage Guidelines for the Cartoon Characters: Minnie & Young Spiro

UNCG has developed two cartoon characters: Minnie, to represent Minerva, and Young Spiro, to represent the University’s mascot, Spiro the Spartan. The cartoon characters are permitted for student-facing, light-hearted engagements only, such as Your First Year promotions, Enrollment Management’s Chatbot, and Moss Street Elementary Partnership School. Any edits or adjustments to the cartoon characters are not permitted unless supplied by and developed in consultation with University Communications. Requests for access to Minnie and Young Spiro graphics can be made via

The cartoon characters are not official logos of UNCG and are not permitted to be used as such. For branding, marketing, and communications the official UNCG logos featuring Minerva – the emblem logo, unit/department logos, University logos – are the only permitted logos. The Spartan logos are the official symbols of UNC Greensboro intercollegiate athletics and also serve as student life marks, known as “spirit marks.” More information on the University logo, featuring Minerva, and the Spartan logos is available within the University brand guide.