Graphic identifiers for Shield Our Spartans

Updated Jan. 19, 2021, the UNC Greensboro Shield Our Spartans icon may be used to support special University-wide initiatives to limit the spread of infectious diseases. The duration of the use of this icon is intended to be short-term and identifies with only these particular circumstances. The icon is provided only as a full-color graphic and no other options are available. The supporting text: WEAR. WAIT. WASH. CARE FOR OUR COMMUNITY is the font Pluto Sans and should not appear as any other font.  Uses for the icon may include email signatures, flyers, presentations, signage, websites, educational and/or promotional materials, etc…  The icon features a vaccine vial, face covering, hand washing, social distancing, and caring graphics.

Acceptable uses and safety areas

The icon should stand apart from its surroundings. For consistency, maintain a clear area roughly equal to the height and width of the icon. Never print graphics, rules, typography, or other elements in this area. Appropriate clear space around the icon provides safety areas that set them off from adjacent text or images. For the web, the icon should appear no smaller than 100 pixels in height and for print, the icon should appear no smaller than ¾ inches in height. 


The Shield our Spartans icon may not be altered, modified, disassembled, re-proportioned, or repositioned. The four individual graphics which make up the icon are available as stand-alone supporting graphics. These graphics represent Wearing a Face Covering, Hand Washing, Social Distancing, and Care For Our Community. 


Readers may have difficulty when text, images, and the background color are too close together in the color spectrum. The measure of this variation is contrast ratio. A good example of this is that you would not want to put navy blue text on a black background because there is not enough contrast ratio to allow good separation between the text and the background. It is best practice to ensure that text and backgrounds have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 and there are tools on the web to help determine the contrast ratio.

E-mail Signature

If you would like to add the Shield our Spartans graphic to your email signature you can find information and a link to the hosted graphic on our Web and E-media information page.

For questions concerning the usage of the icon and the other supporting graphics, please submit comments to


Download Shield Our Spartans graphic

Download Wearing a Face Covering icon

Download Hand Washing icon

Download Social Distancing icon

Download Care for Our Community icon

Download Vaccine Vial icon