UNCG Calendars: Public Events

About the UNCG Public Events Calendar

The UNCG Public Events calendar provides a listing of university events and exhibitions open to the entire campus and Triad community. Please visit our Calendar Directory to learn more about the wealth of activities available for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the UNCG community at large.

Set up an iSpartan Google calendar for your events:

UNCG utilizes iSpartan Google calendars for university units to maintain their event calendars. Calendars for unit public events can created as an additional calendar (or "layer") in a personal iSpartan account, or with a non-personal iSpartan Google account set up specifically for your unit events. Contact 6-Tech to get a non-personal iSpartan account set up for your events.

Get your university event added to the UNCG Public Events Calendar:

Events on the UNCG Public Calendar must meet certain criteria and be open to the public.

  1. Create an iSpartan Google calendar specific for your department, program or unit events and make that calendar public in Google settings for that calendar.
  2. Place your event that calendar.
  3. Then invite "calendar@uncg.edu" to your event. Be sure to check the boxes for "Guests can 'invite others' and 'see guest list'" in the event invitation.

This process invites the UNCG Public Events Calendar to your event. Once your event invitation has been reviewed, and the event meets requirements for the UNCG Public Events Calendar, the event invitation will be accepted and then added to one of the Event Categories on the Public Calendar. Your event will then appear on the UNCG Public Events Calendar website. Additionally, if appropriate, the event will be invited to the UNCG Homepage Calendar for possible display on the UNCG home page events tab.

Submit your iSpartan Google calendar to the calendar directory

The UNCG Google Calendar Directory helps you keep up to date on the latest departmental and group schedules, by locating and subscribing to your favorite calendars, or Mashup multiple calendars into a single view for easy reference.

UNCG departments and units as well as faculty, staff and students can submit an iSpartan Google calendar to the UNCG Calendar Directory. Click here to find out more.

Questions & Comments

Check our Calendar FAQs page regarding questions concerning the UNCG public calendar or the Calendar Mashup FAQs page for questions concerning the Calendar Directory & Mashup Application.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding your event or the Public Events Calendars that have not been answered in one of the FAQs pages mentioned above, send your question by email to calendar@uncg.edu.