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Calendar Mashup

What is a "Mashup"?

A Mashup is the combining of digital media from disparate sources.

[A Mashup is] Digital media content containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video and animation drawn from pre-existing sources, to create a new derivative work.

Mashup (digital). (2010, April 8). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 13:54, April 8, 2010

In terms of the iSpartan Calendar Directory, it's a way to look at multiple calendars at one time.

This feature of the UNCG iSpartan Calendar Directory saves time by eliminating the toggling back and forth between multiple calendars as you reviews events at UNCG.

3-in-1 Mashup

How it Works

Using the Calendar Directory, find a calendar that interest you. While looking at that calendar, click the add Calendar button in the Mashup sidebar. Like a shopping cart, this act places that calendar into a Mashup List. All the calendars that you place in the Mashup List will form your Mashup. Add as many calendars as you like.

When you are ready, click on the View Mashup button to go to the Mashup screen. There you will find a Calendar that is a combination of all the calendars that you added to the Mashup List.

Edit your Mashup List

You can delete calendars from your Mashup List on the Edit & Save Mashup screen. From the Mashup sidebar, you can click on the Edit & Save button to go to the Edit and Save screen. Click the delete icon () next to a calendar name to delete it from your Mashup List.

Save your Mashup List

Members of the UNCG community (faculty, staff, students) may save a Calendar Mashup List.

By logging in with your UNCG iSpartan username and password, you can save your Mashup List on the Edit & Save Mashup screen. The next time you return to the UNCG Calendar Directory, you can log in with your UNCG iSpartan username and password and retrieve your Mashup List.

Beyond the iSpartan Calendar Directory

Because the iSpartan Calendar Directory also gives you access to alternative methods to consume calendar data, such as XML, iCAL and HTML, you can create even more advanced Mashups!

Look for these icons on a Calendars' Detail page: xml ical html

If you do create fun new mashups of iSpartan Calendar data, we'd love to hear about it!