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Calendar Mashup Frequently Asked Questions

What is a calendar mashup?

A collection of several separate calendars "mashed" together into a single view.

How do I create a calendar mashup?

Search for calendars and select the ones you want to combine. UNCG Staff/Faculty/Students can save have the option to save mashups for future use.

What is the difference between subscribing to a calendar and creating a mashup?

You should subscribe to a calendar if:

  • You want to see another calendar IN ADDITION to your own personal calendar, with the secondary calendar as a "overlay" on top of your own personal calendar
  • You are trying to keep track of several calendars created by individuals

You should create a mashup if:

  • You want to see several UNCG departmental or event calendars in the same calendar view

What if I know a calendar exists but I am not able to include that calendar in my mashup?

  • Find out if the calendar is truly a public calendar or just a inter-departmental calendar. If the calendar is not public, it cannot be added to your mashup.
  • If you know the calendar is public you could ask the person(s) in charge of the calendar to request that it be added to the Calendar Directory so that viewers could add it to a calendar mashup.

How do I search for a calendar to add to a mashup?

You can search for a calendar several different ways:

  • Use the tags or keywords and search for the calendar based on descriptive phrases that may be associated with the particular calendar;
  • Search for a calendar using the left-hand navigation alphabetical listing; or
  • Search for a calendar using the main categories at the bottom of the left-hand navigation of the website.

I am a UNCG faculty/staff/student and I have created an official UNCG calendar for my department/unit/group. How do I get the calendar submitted to the Calendar Directory?

Use the Calendar Directory submission form to submit your calendar to the directory for approval.

Can anyone viewing the calendars in the directory create and save a mashup?

Yes and no. Anyone can create a mashup, but only UNCG faculty/students/staff with an official UNCG login username and password are able to save their mashup.

Is there a limit to the number of calendars that I can add to my mashup?

No. You can add as many calendars to your mashup as you'd like but too many calendars added to your mashup can make information hard to find.