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Submit your iSpartan Google calendar to the Calendar Directory

UNCG students, faculty and staff can submit an iSpartan Google calendar to the UNCG Calendar Directory.

Submission Requirements

A UNCG iSpartan Google calendar must meet certain criteria to be listed in the Calendar Directory:

  • The calendar must be associated with a UNCG unit, a department, program, office or affiliated group. Calendars of individuals will not be accepted.
  • The calendar must be public. For the calendar you are submitting, view its settings and check the appropriate boxes under the "Share Calendar" tab as shown in the image below:
  • You must know the Google Calendar ID. The Google Calendar ID is the unique string of characters Google gives a calendar and can be found in the calendar settings:
  • You must accept responsibility for the content of the calendar. The UNCG Calendar Directory associates a specific individual with each calendar. That individual's name and email address will be listed with the calendar. By default, whoever submits the calendar is associated with it. You must log in with your UNCG username and password to submit a calendar for review.