Good afternoon Pro-Communicators,  As we begin this new semester, University Communications wants to share with you some new assets available.  Shield Our Spartans: The Shield Our Spartans icon has been updated to include a vaccine vial. You can obtain a new suite of Shield Our Spartans icons as well as the individual vaccine vial graphic […]

Dear Pro Communicators, We are thrilled that so many people love the Minnie and Young Spiro cartoon characters. Like our other visual assets -from official University logos to Shield Our Spartans graphics- we are providing usage guidance for Minnie and Young Spiro. They are officially part of our visual assets and, like the University Spirit […]

In an effort to prepare for the wide spread release of the COVID-19 vaccine UNCG has updated the Shield Our Spartans icon. A vaccine vial has been added to the graphic elements to encourage faculty, staff, students, and community to participate in their appropriate group when the vaccine is available to that group. UNCG communicators […]

Good afternoon Pro-Communicators, As we prepare for fall 2020 I want to thank you for your support and collaboration on so many projects this past spring and summer. On behalf of University Communications, please know that we truly appreciate your expertise and enjoy working with you. I also want to share with you new assets […]

UNCG’s new racial equity website launched last week. This website serves as a launching pad for Spartans, community members, and prospective students and families to learn more about our commitment to racial equity. This is the first iteration of a UNCG resource that will grow and evolve over time. To share related resources, events, etc., for inclusion on the site, […]

Help elevate another key University message, this one related to Covid-19, in your email signature: “Shield Our Spartans.”  Our campus community’s health and safety is dependent on a community effort made up of thousands of individual actions and decisions. The primary way COVID-19 spreads is from person-to-person contact.  That means our best hope of preventing […]

University Communications has provided an update to the editorial section of the brand guide. Specifically, the update relates to the use of en and em dashes, including the keyboard shortcuts for creating such dashes. You will find the guidance and keyboard tips under the “Dashes and Hyphens” section of the editorial guidance webpage. Please let us know […]