Experts List

Experts for: International Cultures

Moses Acquaah

Professor, Management
Director of Graduate Programs & MBA Program, Joseph M. Bryan School of Business & Economics
PhD University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
(336) 334-5305,

  • Strategic Management
  • Family Business
  • Management in Transition Economies
  • Doing Business in Africa

Omar H. Ali

Associate Professor, African American & African Diaspora Studies
Associate Professor, History
PhD Columbia University
(336) 334-5507,

  • Independent Voters
  • Black History
  • African Diaspora
  • Islam and Muslims

James A. Anderson

Associate Professor, History
PhD University of Washington
(336) 334-5209,

  • Modern China

Ali Askerov

Assistant Professor, Peace & Conflict Studies
PhD University of Manitoba
(336) 706-5809,

  • Peace education
  • Russian affairs
  • Turkish affairs
  • Islam

Claudia Cabello Hutt

Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Rutgers University
(336) 334-3853,

  • Latin American Literature (women writers, Chile, Gabriela Mistral)
  • Latin American History of Feminism

Roberto E. Campo

Professor, International & Global Studies
Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD University of Pennsylvania
(336) 334-3311,

  • Internationalizing the campus and our 21st century students
  • Bringing Asian Studies to our students and the greater-Greensboro community
  • French Culture, History, Literature
  • Phi Beta Delta International Scholars Honor Society

William Crowther

Professor, Political Science
PhD University of California, Los Angeles
(336) 256-0519,

  • European Politics
  • Central European Politics
  • Russian Politics
  • International Ethnic Conflicts

Stuart Dischell

Professor, English
MFA The University of Iowa
(336) 334-5459,

  • Poetry and Literature
  • Paris Travel and History

Gavin Douglas

Associate Professor, Music Studies
PhD University of Washington
(336) 334-5473,

  • Burma/Myanmar
  • Southeast Asian Music

Robert Griffiths

Associate Professor, Political Science
PhD University of Connecticut
(336) 256-0518,

  • International Politics & Law
  • US and International Security Policy and American Foreign Policy
  • The United Nations
  • Politics of the Non-western World, Specialist in African Politics

Belinda J. Hardin

Associate Professor, Specialized Education Services
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 256-1083,

  • International Early Childhood Education
  • Services for Young Children with Disabilities
  • English Language Learners

Ana Hontanilla

Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Washington University in St. Louis
(336) 334-3335,

  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Culture
  • Spanish Films, History, and Politics
  • African Diaspora in Latin America

Byoungho Jin

Professor, Consumer, Apparel & Retail Studies
PhD Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
(336) 256-0251,

  • Apparel Industries in Emerging Markets Such as China and India
  • Retail Consumers in Korea, China, India.
  • Global Sourcing Strategies in the Apparel Industry
  • Retail Internationalization/Going Global

Corey Johnson

Assistant Professor, Geography
PhD University of Oregon
(336) 334-3919,

  • The European Union
  • German Unification
  • Political Geography of International Disputes
  • Geopolitics of Energy
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Shale Gas/Hydraulic Fracturing

Jeffrey W. Jones

Associate Professor, History
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-4068,

  • Russian/Soviet History
  • Middle Eastern History
  • Afghanistan
  • Ukraine

Elizabeth Keathley

Associate Professor, Music Studies
Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies
PhD Stony Brook University
(336) 334-5911,

  • Women/Gender/Sexuality and Music
  • Music History, Especially Modern (20th Century)
  • Mexican/Mexican-American Popular Music
  • Women/Gender and Education, Especially Higher Education

Nir Kshetri

Professor, Management
PhD The University of Rhode Island
(336) 334-4530,

  • Cybercrime
  • E-commerce
  • Global Entrepreneurship
  • Asia Pacific Economies
  • Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing

Seunghyun Lee

Assistant Professor, Media Studies
Study Abroad Committee, International Programs Center
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 256-8500,

  • Digital media use in the world and across different cultures
  • Digital literacy and education
  • Digital divide, digital inclusion and social inclusion
  • Service-learning with community and civic engagement for refugees and the underserved
  • Online journalism and citizen journalism

Fabrice Lehoucq

Associate Professor, Political Science
PhD Duke University
(336) 334-5989,

  • Latin American Politics
  • Global Perspectives on Electoral Reform
  • Dictatorships and Democracies
  • Health Care in International Perspective
  • Drugs and Crime in Latin America

Emily J. Levine

Assistant Professor, History
PhD Stanford University
(919) 884-6531,

  • Modern German history
  • Modern Jewish thought and history
  • History of Ideas, intellectual communities, and universities
  • Transatlanticism and German-American Relations

Po-Wen Liu

Lecturer, Art
MFA Northern Illinois University
(336) 334-5248,

  • Traditional and Contemporary Ceramics
  • Traditional Asian Ceramics (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese)
  • Glaze Chemistry

Arthur D. Murphy

Professor, Anthropology
PhD Temple University
(336) 334-5132,

  • Mexico
  • Immigration
  • Economic Development Mexico/Latin America
  • Culture and Natural Disasters

Joanne M. A. Murphy

Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
PhD University of Cincinnati

  • Greek Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Death
  • Bronze Age Mycenaean Palaces
  • Archaeology of Religion

David Nelson

Professor, Music Studies
PhD Northwestern University
(336) 256-1229,

  • Music of Vienna
  • Mozart
  • Musical Ensembles and Institutions of Vienna

Elizabeth Perrill

Assistant Professor, Art
PhD Indiana University Bloomington
(336) 334-5248,

  • African Art

Jerry Pubantz

Dean, Lloyd International Honors College
Professor, Political Science
PhD Duke University
(336) 256-2579,

  • American Foreign Policy
  • The United Nations
  • Middle East Politics, Including Arab and Islamic Politics
  • International Affairs

Susanne Rinner

Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Georgetown University
(336) 334-4857,

  • German Literature, Film, & Cultural Studies
  • The Sixties
  • Women Writers in German Speaking Countries
  • Contemporary Germany

Kailan Ruth Rubinoff

Associate Professor, Music Studies
PhD University of Alberta
(336) 334-9859,

  • Baroque Music
  • Music of the Netherlands
  • 20th-century music
  • Historical performance

Riikka Sarala

Assistant Professor, Management
PhD Swedish School of Economics
(336) 334-5457,

  • International Business & Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Cultural Differences

Karl Schleunes

Professor Emeritus, History
PhD University of Minnesota
(336) 315-7044,

  • Holocaust
  • Modern Germany

Svi Shapiro

Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
EdD Boston University
(336) 256-0156,

  • Violence & Schools
  • Moral & Social Dimensions of Education
  • Education & Democracy
  • The Israeli / Palestinian Conflict
  • Educational Reform
  • Critical Perspectives on Standardized Testing
  • Peace Education
  • Jewish & Spiritual Perspectives on Education

Carmen Sotomayor

Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Michigan State University
(336) 334-5655,

  • Spain: Twentieth Century and Contemporary Issues
  • Spanish Civil War (1936-39) Visual Arts, Literature and History

Laura K. Taylor

Assistant Professor, Peace & Conflict Studies
PhD University of Notre Dame
(336) 334-3864,

  • Adolescents and War
  • Social Identity and Intergroup Conflict
  • Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation
  • Countries of interest: Croatia, Colombia, Guatemala, Nepal, Northern Ireland

Joan M. Titus

Assistant Professor, Music Studies
PhD The Ohio State University
(336) 334-3301,

  • Music and Media
  • Music and World Politics
  • Music and Cultural Policy
  • Music and Russia; and Music and North Africa

Susan M. Walcott

Professor, Geography
PhD Indiana University
(336) 334-5382,

  • Furniture Industry
  • East Asia
  • Regional Economic Development