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More Corner memories

Thank you SO much for the story on The Corner. It brought a smile to my lips and tears to my cheeks! I was a commuter nursing student in the early '80s and clearly remember the cherry Cokes and lemonades between classes. I am sure I also bought at least a few cards over the years. I am back again as a doctoral student, but rarely make it as far as Tate Street in all the rush of my Friday classes. I truly regret not stopping in the store one last time. Thank you for at least giving me the opportunity to share my experience.

Cathy Sykes '83 … and hopefully Class of '13

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In the fall of '60 I went to The Corner to purchase something. When I started to pay, I saw that I was out of checks. Mr. Snavely suggested that I could write a counter check, so I did. A few days later I received a phone call from him, asking me to drop by his store. When I got there, he said, “Honey, you're a freshman, aren't you?” I said yes — he smiled and told me that I had to have a checking account in the bank on which I wrote the counter check! I've never forgotten his kindness to me that day.

Scotty Wise Price '64

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A summer escape

Thank you for the garden path and associated sounds. Lovely!

Martha “Marti” Sommerfeld Hearron '64

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A great time for sports

I feel privileged to have attended UNCG during one of its most successful times athletically, from 1981-85. The men's soccer team was winning Division III National Championships, and the women's basketball and tennis teams were competitive nationally. Coach Agee was coaching both women's tennis and basketball at the time. I believe the women's tennis team members actually were Division III National Runners up in 1983? The women's volleyball team was playing Div. III as well. I was also lucky enough to have actually played on the Men's Tennis team in the spring of 1985, with some strong competitors. The travel and camaraderie were priceless as university experiences.

Jerry Digh '85

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