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Middle College: The First Day

photography and production by Chris English, photography editor
sound recording by Mark Unrue, art director

First day of school

View pictures and listen to the excitement of the first day of middle college.








Audio Transcript:

Tom Martinek: You're the third student to arrive.

Parent: All right. OK.

Tom Martinek: I'm Tom Martinek. I'm a professor in the Department of Kinesiology. And I am in a program called Community Support Development and have been involved for the last several years in getting a middle college in place on this campus and today is the day. And we're looking forward for our first group of 50 kids to arrive.

Angela Polk-Jones: What's going on? Good morning, sir. I'm doing great. Hi everybody. Welcome to the middle college at UNCG.

Tom Martinek: Here we go.

Angela Polk-Jones: First day of school.

Tom Martinek: Welcome.

Angela Polk-Jones: All right. They're smiling. They're happy.

Shawn Logan: My parents were really excited because I'm in this program. This first year, first semester, I take Algebra II and the second semester I take Geometry. So I'm going to be moving twice as fast as regular schools do. When I got accepted, I was pretty good because I was ready to go to a regular, big high school, and I wasn't really ready for that. So going through this, it's a lot better for me, more comfortable.

Angela Polk-Jones: Good morning, Middle College students. This is Ms. Polk-Jones and I have a couple of announcements this morning. First of all, I want to welcome you to the first day of high school at the Middle College at UNCG. Get excited. You guys are part of something really special, and we're just glad to have you here. My name is Angela Polk-Jones. I'm the principal of the Middle College at UNCG. Yay! Each year we're going to get better and better. We're going to get better and better. But again, it's all about preparing them for college, career and life. And that's what we're doing.