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Ernest Grant '93 MSN
Ernest Grant '93 MSN

Ernest Grant '93 MSN started working at the NC Jaycee Burn Center and found his calling. He's on the front lines every day, working with burn victims and donning a Sparky the Firedog costume to help children learn fire safety.





Veteran Thomas DiStefano '10 was deployed three times while a UNCG student. “Serving my country has always been important to me. I believe in civil service. We all have the obligation to serve in one way or another,” DiStefano says. And he used his experience transitioning from service to student to help others making the same move.


Linda Carlisle '72
Linda Carlisle '72

Linda Carlisle '72 has been many things to this campus — co-chair of the Students First Campaign, former president of the Excellence Foundation, former vice-chairman of the Board of Trustees, philanthropist. She has also gone on to make a difference on the state level as Secretary of Cultural Resources. The governor-appointed, cabinet-level position puts Carlisle in charge of cultural outreach and historical preservation programs around the state.


Dot Kearns '53, '74 MEd is credited with initiating Smart Start in Guilford County and providing a lead role in its adoption statewide. She was the first woman to be elected as a Guilford County commissioner and the first to serve as chair.


In the psychology clinic, Dr. Susan Keane supervises care for children with Asperger's. She saw the increase in referrals and the parents' desire to understand how to help their children. So the Dream Camp was born. The two one-week sessions help children with family relationships, friendships and transitioning back to school.




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Altogether amazing
No matter where they go or what they do, Spartans know how to make a difference.


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