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In response to the Survey Says question: How was your UNCG experience meaningful?

I learned at Woman's College that leadership is from the ground up.

Emily Herring Wilson '61

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This poem, written before I saw the article, “Heart in the Right Place,” is taken from my next work, a book of poetry titled “The Heart Knows More.”

I thought the article and the poem were a definite sign of serendipity!

Phyllis Stump '69

Where is my heart?

I overheard it,
The question of the day
In the words of advice
Given to someone known
On the end of a telephone line
“If your heart's in the right place,
Do what it tells you.”
So I asked myself,
Am asking myself right now,
“Is my heart in the right place?”
I always thought,
(Though assumed is probably the better word)
That there was only one place
For a heart to be,
Deep down inside the mysterious center of being
Where the truth resides
Waiting to be discovered
With the steady beating of the goodness of life,
Revealing love, justice, mercy, forgiveness and redemption
To each restless soul.
Is my heart in the right place?
Have I allowed it to be turned over or under,
To the left or to the right,
Off track,
Off course
With my own selfishness
And lack of discipline?
Is my heart in the right place?
If my mirror cannot tell,
Will your face provide the answer?

(Inspired by Barbara Armstrong)

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