Madison Blake, rocking with Rachmaninoff on Grogan's well-loved piano
Filmed and edited by Martin W. Kane, UNCG Magazine

Grogan Residence Hall reopened in Fall 2015 after a renovation. And Grogan's Baldwin Model F baby grand piano is back in its rightful spot. The piano first came to Grogan a decade ago, says John Sopper, director of UNCG's Grogan Residential College 2000-09 and current Faculty Program Chair there. But the baby grand was enjoyed by Spartans well before that. It was first used by the UNCG School of Music in 1965 and was later a fixture in the dining hall.

“The grand piano is the soundtrack of Grogan,” Meg Horton, biology lecturer and former Grogan director, has often said.

The Grogan students have made it their own. “It gets played constantly,” Sopper says. “The School of Music, Theatre and Dance students love it!”

Junior Madison Blake practices on it often. She enjoys having fellow students and passers-by stop to revel in Rachmaninoff and Bach. “I like to have an audience,” says the Minerva Scholar.