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Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.
Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.

We have much to celebrate this fall: record enrollment; incredible new faculty and staff; a growing research enterprise; historic athletic success on and off the field; a reputation that is gaining visibility across the region. We have taken Giant Steps at UNC Greensboro. So what’s next?

I have been exploring the idea of “inflection points.” It’s the turning point after which a dramatic change is expected. That is where we stand today at UNCG – at an inflection point.

We are poised to become a national model for how a university can blend opportunity, excellence and impact to transform the lives of individual students while at the same time making a major contribution to the prosperity of the state. Our road map is clear:

  • Tenaciously commit ourselves to student success;

  • Continue to hire and support the best faculty who are, on balance, committed to both innovative instruction and impactful research;

  • Advance our impact through scholarship, research and community engagement;

  • Be a regional leader through our Millennial Campus focused on health and wellness, and arts and culture;

  • Elevate alumni’s pride in having a degree from UNCG and create more opportunities to be involved with today’s students;

  • Develop an innovative and robust capital campaign to help potential donors support the University.

Today, we have 125,000 living alumni. You are a powerful group, and we need your help to seize the moment. It’s time to find out if we are ready to embrace this inflection point. I believe we are.

Let Us Hear You

They’ve got Spartan spirit, yes they do. And if you’re at a basketball game or volleyball game, you’ll have it too. From their pregame tunes to the final alma mater song, UNC Greensboro’s Bands of Sparta, the pep band for the University, is an essential part of the gameday experience. They cheer loudly too, leading the players to return the support with high-fives at the end of a game. The band appears at many campus events – here, we see them adding pep during freshman orientation. They’ll perform at several more events this fall. That’s music to our ears.


“Without music, life would be a blank to me.”― Jane Austen

Headline graphic - Mission to Mentor


When we leave the service, we just charge into life and we can forget what’s available to us. It’s important to make sure veterans are properly being looked after.

-Ben Hunter ’09, ’11, MS, Marine veteran

Not everyone on campus knows what needs to be done for vets. We’ve been there. When something’s not going right for one of us, it works a whole lot better to have someone who’s been through it and who can emotionally and psychologically relate to that experience, even if it’s just having a cup of coffee and sharing.

-Marcia Smith-Fischer ’11, Navy veteran

A commitment to service doesn’t end with a retirement or a graduation, but goes on for a lifetime. The veterans of UNC Greensboro embody this commitment in their dedication to the community and to each other. Meet the Spartan veterans who are finding their way at UNCG and the veteran alumni who have found their way back. Read Full Story

UNCG Alumni and US Veterans

Must Be the Place

Every student, every alumnus has their favored spot on campus. A favorite place to read. A place to meet up with friends. Certainly favorite places to study for a big exam. And likely, a place they know they found their life’s calling.

View some favorite places at UNCG

Super Journey headline


"I went into college expecting the world would tell me what to do, and it would be my job to rage against that.

I left understanding my job was to control my destiny."


Academy Award nominee Emily V. Gordon

Super Journey Graphic


  • UNCG basketball champions
  • UNCG champions
  • UNCG Champions
  • UNCG Champions
  • UNCG Champions


Spartan fans went into a frenzy as the clock wound down. The buzzer rang, confetti fell and the bench rushed the court.

Coach Wes Miller stood proud, finally tasting the sweetness of a Southern Conference Tournament Championship and anNCAA Tournament automatic bid – the team's first since 2011.

Championship-level athletic programs aren’t built overnight. It’s a long, slow haul.

There have been heartbreaking losses. Rebuilding years. Times when the Spartans were “oh so close.”

There has also been great success – NCAA Tournament appearances in ’96 and ’01, ACC upsets, legendary names like Hartzell and Hines.

It’s these moments that have paved the way to what feels like a new era of Spartan hoops.

With 27 wins and a SoCon title – not to mention a near bracket- busting upset in the Big Dance – UNCG men’s basketball proved that it plays some of the most exciting basketball in the state.

Yet Miller admits that he hasn't taken a lot of time to reflect on the success.

"Our motto is 'No finish line,'" he says. "Even though we accomplished a goal, there was an immediate sense that there was still work to do."

During the offseason, he and his players have kept their heads down, focusing on getting better, one day at a time.

But there’s no denying that the buzz is building. The stage is set. And the Spartans are ready to step further into the spotlight.

“There’s a deep sense of urgency in our program to keep growing,” Miller says. “This returning group now has the confidence that they can play with anybody, and that they belong on the national stage.”

Homecoming 2018

Homecoming word cloud


In October, UNC Greensboro will host a campus-wide welcome home party for Spartans, and you won’t want to miss it. Here are some highlights of the five-day Homecoming celebration:

  • Homecoming Bonfire with food trucks and DJ

  • Block Party at Kaplan Commons with live music, food and children’s festival

  • Third annual Homecoming 5K

  • Dozens of alumni reunions

  • Men’s soccer game against East Tennessee State

OCT. 10-14

More info: homecoming.uncg.edu

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