Big picture: A note from the chancellor

We face an important question together at UNCG: How will we transform ourselves and realize our full potential as a great public university? To help answer this, I have used metaphors, like “Giant Steps” and “our inflection point.”

So, how are we moving from metaphor to action across UNCG? We are investing in student success programs that are succeeding, hiring new faculty to support our growth, and launching new programs in highly desirable disciplines. We have expanded our research infrastructure and are investing in information technology to make access to data faster and more open. We are growing our campus itself – constructing the new Nursing and Instructional Building, securing support for a renovation of Jackson Library, making early plans for new facilities on Gate City Blvd. and Tate St. We are competing in athletics while our student-athletes excel in the classroom. And we have done much more to tell our story and raise our visibility.

As you can see, we have stuck some pretty significant “stakes in the ground” (another metaphor!) to mark our progress and show how we are taking “Giant Steps.”

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