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Shield our Spartans

The three Ws. “Wear. Wait. Wash.”

As students returned to campus in early August, safety was a priority. COVID-19 protocols were key.

Wear a face covering.

Wait in line at least 6 feet from the next person.

Wash your hands regularly.

Through social media, through signage in buildings and along sidewalks, via emails, through video, the campus community was reminded again and again. As Chancellor Gilliam told the students as classes began, “More than ever our shared success this year depends on you, each and every one of you. And you have to do your part. Wear a face covering when you’re on campus in class and in the community. Wash your hands frequently. Keep your distance on campus and off campus. Your actions matter. We have to work together wherever we are to keep each other safe.”

As of the print deadline for this magazine, Sept. 25, the precautions have kept illness from spiking. No clusters of COVID-19 in the campus community have been detected. A COVID-19 online dashboard kept the community informed. The largest number of new positive COVID tests for students so far is 18, reported the last week of August.

The chancellor continues to note that everyone needs to be flexible. We don’t know the future. But the actions of each member of the Spartan community brought the opening of the school year cause for hope – that this will remain an impactful, on-campus experience for our students.

Yes, Nobel laureate Louise Glück was a Spartan

Louise Glück will receive the Nobel Prize in Literature on Dec. 10. This high honor will be one in a series of accolades she has received since her time as a visiting lecturer at UNC Greensboro, at the start of her career, some 47 years ago. As this American icon receives the Nobel Prize for […]

Studying the selenium data in China

AN INTERNATIONAL TEAM OF RESEARCHERS, including UNCG Biochemistry professor Ethan W. Taylor, has identified a significant association between COVID-19 prognosis and regional selenium status in China. Selenium is an essential dietary trace element that over the last 40 years has been found to be a significant factor affecting the incidence, severity, or mortality of various […]

Lessons from the past, at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum

Lessons from the past, at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum Spartans connect history to today’s pressing issues Off a busy, rural road in Gibsonville, North Carolina, stands the one state historic site in North Carolina focusing on African American history – and the only one honoring a woman. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, founder and principal of the […]

Wes Miller and Trina Patterson lead during uncertain year

WES MILLER AND TRINA PATTERSON have adapted their leadership strategies during these unusual times. “The key is in life, like basketball, you have to be flexible and prepared for the unknown,” said Patterson, head coach of UNCG Women’s Basketball. “During these times, you have to prepare your players somewhat differently in your system and make […]

5 alumni will be honored at virtual Homecoming

Carole Boston Weatherford ’92 MFA has helped generations explore and honor the achievements and contributions of the African American community, from Harriet Tubman to John Coltrane to the Greensboro sit-ins and beyond. She will receive UNCG’s McIver Lifetime Achievement Award during Homecoming Week. This award is the highest honor bestowed upon an alumnus of UNCG. […]

Monica Davis’ preservation work in Wilson

Wilson, North Carolina, was once home to a vital tobacco industry and the largest population of working-class African Americans in the state. Many resided in one of 301 “shotgun” houses in the area until the tobacco industry moved overseas in the ’80s, resulting in many of these homes becoming abandoned and eventually demolished. Eighty-eight shotgun […]

Personal touch: Letters from President Foust to parents

COVID-19 is not the first pandemic our campus has faced. In 1918, influenza hit what was then called State Normal and Industrial College. That was just months after the campus was shortly quarantined for a measles and diphtheria outbreak. Sophomore Abigail Knight began researching the flu pandemic’s effects on the campus in an “Interrogating UNCG’s […]

Echoes of 100 years at UNCG: Women’s suffrage and equal pay

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, codifying women’s suffrage in the U.S. This campus’ alumni magazine of the late 1910s, as WWI concluded, took on two big societal issues: women’s suffrage and equal pay for equal work. Equal Pay for Equal Work?(in June and November 1918 Alumnae News issues) The magazine […]

100 years at Shaw Hall

Shaw is the oldest residence hall in the Quad. Designed by notable architect Harry Barton – as were all the Quad halls – it opened for the 1919-20 academic year. During the Quad renovation 90 years later, Shaw was the most heavily redesigned building. The columns and portico were retained, and an opening was carved […]

Hagan and Richburg honored

UNCG’s Distinguished Service Awards represent the most prestigious public service honors conferred by the University. Named for UNCG’s founding president, the Charles Duncan McIver Award is the University’s highest public service honor and recognizes extraordinary service at the national or international level. The Holderness/Weaver Award is named for Adelaide Holderness ’39, the first woman to […]

Take care of each other

“I will never forget how you aided me in my time of need,” wrote one health and human sciences student to UNCG’s Division of Student Affairs. “I was going to be in way over my head this summer with bills and tuition.” Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this student – and others – found their […]

Green thumbs up

Green Thumbs Up IN THESE DAYS of face coverings and social distancing, many Spartans have turned to gardening as a way to find solace during difficult times and to reconnect with nature. One site of Spartan gardening has been there all along – UNCG Gardens. Celebrating their 10th year, the fully organic gardens are a […]

Feminism’s mystique

“Is feminism dead?” That’s the question Time magazine posed to its readers on a June 1998 cover. The controversial story ultimately concluded that the feminist movement had become largely irrelevant. Dr. Lisa Levenstein refutes that claim with her new book, “They Didn’t See Us Coming: The Hidden History of Feminism in the Nineties.” Based on […]

All things academic

New UNCG Provost Jim Coleman views public higher education as “one of the most brilliant ideas that humans have ever created.” It’s challenging and political, yes. But the profound impact on people’s lives – through teaching, research, community engagement, and service – is second to none. Coleman’s passion has propelled his 30-year career in higher […]

Quick and nimble sets the pace

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has created unprecedented challenges for the world. But for some, it has presented unique opportunities. Equipped with the right mix of experience, knowledge, and tools, those with a vision and willingness to take risks have embarked on journeys into uncharted waters in the hope of finding better solutions. Two UNC Greensboro alumni […]

Art as action, with Phillip Marsh

“One love.” It’s a radical lyric. Phillip Marsh grew up as hip-hop music was emerging in popular culture. But the music and Rastafarian philosophy of Bob Marley was his guiding beacon. Phillip’s neighborhood outside Washington, DC, was a tough one. He had some run-ins with the law. “Made some choices,” as he explains. Once you […]

Artist Kidd Graves gives BLM art extra dimension

Every artist has a story. Kidd Graves ’20 arrives for the planning meeting for the large plywood storefront at Elsewhere Museum. What’s the message, the tale to tell? The artists gather round, wearing masks or social distancing. They build on their discussions from the weekend before: it’ll be the narrative of a Black girl, developing […]

Paint it loud, with Essence Foster

Near the Lewis St. corner, Essence Foster has completed her work, an image of a woman created with charcoal, spray paint, and a collage of magazine clippings. Through a mask, Essence speaks with the other artists, as dusk approaches. Essence, who already holds a bachelor’s degree, is on the pre-med track at UNCG. With an […]

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