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Feminism’s mystique

“Is feminism dead?” That’s the question Time magazine posed to its readers on a June 1998 cover. The controversial story ultimately concluded that the feminist movement had become largely irrelevant. Dr....

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All things academic

New UNCG Provost Jim Coleman views public higher education as “one of the most brilliant ideas that humans have ever created.” It’s challenging and political, yes. But the profound impact on people’s...

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Quick and nimble sets the pace

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has created unprecedented challenges for the world. But for some, it has presented unique opportunities. Equipped with the right mix of experience, knowledge, and tools, those...

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Research funds rise 40% since 2015

In the latest fiscal year, UNCG faculty brought in a total of $42.4 million in grant and contract funding to support their research, scholarship, and creative activity. The FY 2020 total surpasses...

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Envision a higher-tech mask

Kepley Biosystems, led by Dr. Anthony Dellinger ’15 PhD and co-founded by UNCG nanoscience professor Dr. Christopher Kepley, is a North Carolina life sciences startup that looks for sustainable solutions...

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Harnessing Nano

They’re a million times smaller than a hair follicle on your head. But they can be used to solve some of our biggest problems. Dr. Sherine Obare has spent her career studying nanomaterials –...

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