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Mariah Taylor-Judd ’22

First stop after exams will be the Greensboro Coliseum for May Commencement. Later in the year after working remotely, it’s San Francisco, to a position with Gap Inc.

Mariah Taylor-Judd ’22 is majoring in consumer apparel and retail studies (CARS) with a concentration in retail data management, plus she is a minoring in entrepreneurship.”I always really had a passion for retail and fashion – more of the business side of it. And so I have dedicated my time to learning as much as I can through internships (such as with Kohl’s Corporation), classes, or or any extracurricular activities or events that helped me better understand the retail industry, foster my professional development and leadership, and build my network.”

“East Coast girl to the West Coast! It’ll be different, but it’s a dream come true, to say the very least. I’m excited.”

When asked about the past two years, with so many adjustments due to the pandemic, she acknowledged the “ups and downs” and called it a “whirlwind” at times. “But I think what has made my class in particular so resilient, and what makes us stand out, is that no matter what, we were able to rise above it.”

A Raleigh native, she received several scholarships, including hte Madeleine B. Street Scholarship, Glenda K. Mitchell Scholarship, NRF Foundation Rising Stars Scholarship, and Edith S. Hinshaw Scholarship. 

“While being here I’ve been able to really grow, and that’s just priceless to me. Grow as a student, as a leader, and as just an individual. I have a lot of goals and dreams and am grateful for the involvement within the CARS department these last four years as it has contributed tremendously … to my knowledge of the industry I love so much.”

She is most proud of leading the effort to start a UNCG chapter of the National Retail Federation Student Association. Students have been able to gain internships and network with recruiters from some of the top retailers – and build connections. That’s impact that will live on, as she heads on to the next part of her life.

By Mike Harris ’93 MA
Photography by Martin W. Kane

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