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Nicole Rowe ’22

A communications major with minors in business and media studies, Nicole Rowe ’22 says her class of graduates might be defined by one word: Resilient. 

“I recently got back from a study abroad trip in Manchester, England. It was an experience that taught me about other cultures and learning how to be adaptable. I think that’s one of the things I’ve really learned during my four years of college.” That’s being adaptable and resilient. 

A key example? “We just had started in-person classes” in spring 2020. “COVID happens and we’re online, then we’re back to the hybrid and then we’re back to in-person.” Her study abroad plans took some adapting too. Plans for Europe in her junior year were nixed, but in her final year, she got to fully experience it.

In fact, UNCG’s emphasis on study abroad drew her. A California native then living in Idaho, she considered where to attend college. The East Coast, and particularly North Carolina, called to her. Her mom had been to a few business conferences in this state. Nicole checked out UNCG online. She liked the study abroad opportunities.

And the online campus tour drew her in. “I thought the campus was beautiful. There’s a certain energy I felt from this school versus other schools. I was like, we’re just going to take a chance and do it, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I really love the environment here and everybody’s been so supportive – like, every teacher that I’ve had at UNCG has just been absolutely outstanding, and you feel like you can talk to them. And I remember as a kid in school, I was afraid to ask questions … But here, everyone is so supportive.”

Now, Nicole hopes to be a movie or gaming producer. She has a book in the works, too.

This semester she’s wrapping up her senior honors project, under Dr. Gabriel Cruz. “It’s about how video games are talking about social issues that have happened in the post Great Recession world.”

This semester, she also has used her media studies and comms knowledge by producing videos as part of the Light the Way campaign. The Pell Grant scholar who’s received two UNCG scholarships says, “I am part of the Spartan Storytellers and what we do is we are helping to promote UNCG, promoting Believe in the G, and filming a bunch of thank you videos to all the donors and sponsors. We are here to get the word out about UNCG, what life at UNCG is like, just show how amazing of a school this is.”

Her particular class – the Class of ’22 – is pretty amazing too, considering how they have navigated this pandemic and the changes it has thrown their way. “It shows we are a force to be reckoned with. We’re up for a challenge and we’re going to overcome it. I think that’s a trait that is going to be very beneficial in life. You never know what’s going to be thrown at you. And just being able to keep going forward is important.”

By Mike Harris ’93 MA
Photography by Martin W. Kane

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