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Soaring sounds for UNCG’s choral groups

Dr. Welborn Young

Choral music lovers consider Greensboro’s First Presbyterian Church a uniquely ambient space. Good news: UNCG’s choral program this year will host more concerts there than ever before.

Dr. Welborn Young and Dr. Carole Ott, along with doctoral students, will conduct the choral groups.

The Gothic Revival church is crafted largely from brick and stone to create what author Gerald Allen called “a loose interpretation of the cathedral at Albi in southern France.” New York architect Hobart Upjohn, principal designer, collaborated with architect Harry Barton. Barton designed many UNCG campus buildings, such as UNCG Auditorium and Brown Building.

The free-admission concerts will be held Oct. 20, Nov. 24, April 18, and April 19. Donations are accepted.

See the schedule at VPA.UNCG.EDU

By Mike Harris
Photography by Martin W. Kane

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