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At Minerva: apples, daisies … and peaches?

Students leave offerings at Minerva as classes start every August.

It’s for good luck. And even if you don’t believe in it, it’s a nice, uniquely-UNCG tradition.

The first items left at Minerva that were documented here in Campus Weekly were coins. That was 2007. A few years later, the first apple at Minerva was spotted. Flowers have been seen quite often in recent years – particularly daisies, given out near Alumni House during NAV1GATE.

But this year, what may be a first: several peaches.

To be exact, on August 19 we counted 20 apples (19 at the base and one high above on the plinth), two pennies, about 50 daisies, and four peaches.

Just as when we saw the first apples a decade ago, one has to speculate: Why? (Did apples symbolize knowledge? Something to do with becoming teachers? Some other reason?)

Did these peach-bearing students come from peach-growing parts of the state? Maybe they hope this semester will turn out, well … peachy? Perhaps they just like peaches. Or does it hold a significance we’d never guess?

The tradition continues to grow – and we expect we’ll see more offerings at examtime in December. May it never stop evolving, as each year brings creative students with fresh approaches to life, to learning – and to traditions.

And may this year be a successful one for all our students – whether they had a chance to stop by the statue or not!

By Mike Harris, UNCG Magazine editor
Photo by Mike Harris, Aug. 19, 2021

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