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Business Doctorate online

The first and only accredited online PhD program in Business Administration has taken flight. Eighteen students from around the globe have embarked on the new program at the Bryan School. Dr. Moses Acquaah, head of the Department of Management, said, “When we announced this program we received a record number of applications from all over the country – more than 100!” 

The four-year program is designed to produce research-oriented professionals who want to teach in a college environment. Students will understand specialized knowledge and scholarly literature in order to contribute to academic, government, and private sector environments through their research. “Many of our applicants are working full-time as instructors and professors in universities or community colleges,” he adds.

Susan Szasz is one. She currently teaches at California State University, Monterey Bay. “After a career in a large corporate business, I began teaching, and found that I love working with students and being involved in higher education where I feel I am making a really different kind of impact with my skills and experience,” she said.

Her focus will be Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. “I want to do research that will help corporations get to the next level: finding new, flexible, creative, and effective ways to work in the 21st century that will allow more people to profitably use their skills and abilities.”

Copy provided by the Bryan School

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