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Falderal Memories

Who remembers Falderal, or the Fall Charlies?

The five-day fall celebration took place on UNCG’s campus beginning in the late 60s and continuing through the 70s, with many concerts, dances, performances, speakers, crafts, fireworks, and even a mime troupe. “A bit of finery, a bit of nonsense,” the festival served up apple cider and doughnuts, pizza for a pizza-eating contest, as well as beer at “Suds and Sounds” for those of-age.

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    October 13, 2020

    Studying the selenium data in China

    AN INTERNATIONAL TEAM OF RESEARCHERS, including UNCG Biochemistry professor Ethan W. Taylor, has identified a significant association between COVID-19 prognosis and regional selenium status in China. Selenium is an essential dietary trace element that over the last 40 years has been found to be a significant factor affecting the incidence, severity, or mortality of various […]
    October 9, 2020

    Lessons from the past, at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum

    Spartans connect history to today’s pressing issues Off a busy, rural road in Gibsonville, North Carolina, stands the one state historic site in North Carolina focusing on African American history – and the only one honoring a woman. Brick dormitories, pastel teachers’ cottages, and a school bell mark what was once the Palmer Memorial Institute, […]
    October 9, 2020

    UNCG alumnus making waves on ‘Outer Banks’

    One of the most popular series binge watched around the globe during the pandemic quarantine was “Outer Banks,” the hit Netflix television series that premiered last spring. The show is about a group of teenagers hunting for treasure on a picturesque island called the Outer Banks. The cinematographer behind all of those beautiful sunset scenes […]
    October 9, 2020

    Artist Sherrill Roland: spotlight on incarceration

    After spending months in jail and on probation, he ultimately received a bill of innocence. He turned his experience into art. Sherrill Roland ’09, ’17 MFA is the founder of the Jumpsuit Project, which raises awareness around issues related to incarceration. This year, he won the prestigious Southern Prize from South Arts. Roland created the […]
    October 9, 2020

    New Anne and Ben Cone Memorial Endowed Directorship

    THE CONES were deeply devoted supporters of the Weatherspoon. Honoring their memory, a gift from an anonymous donor recently established the Anne and Ben Cone Memorial Endowed Directorship Fund – the first of its kind for the University’s museum. Juliette Bianco is the first Anne and Ben Cone Memorial Endowed Director. Anne and Ben Cone […]
    October 9, 2020

    A WAM welcome

    The Weatherspoon Art Museum always has something new: new exhibitions, programs, and opportunities for teaching and learning. This fall, a new director joins the Greensboro art community. Juliette Bianco succeeds Nancy Doll, who retired after leading the museum for 22 years. Bianco comes to UNCG from Dartmouth, where she worked at the Hood Museum of […]

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