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Her best shot

Alycee Byrd '19

For most photographers, publishing work in The New York Times and The Washington Post represents the pinnacle of success.

But for Alycee Byrd ’19, it’s just the beginning.

In the last year, Alycee’s photography has been featured in a variety of national and international publications. It started in the summer of 2020, when Men’s Health reached out to her to photograph an activist in Charlotte.

Then came an assignment for The Washington Post. The New York Times reached out to her in October for a story on Halloween. Alycee has also published in L’Officiel Belgium, Creators Magazine, Mordant Magazine, and LUCY’S Magazine, among others.

Alycee has been behind the camera since high school. At UNCG, the marketing major started to focus on fashion photography, shooting the annual UNCG Threads fashion show. She also interned with University Communications, working with photographer Martin W. Kane and the social media team.

She is part of Diversify Photo’s #HireBlackPhotographers database, which connects photo editors and art directors to Black photographers across the country and around the world. Being a part of this list, she says, has helped bring visibility to her work.

“When I first started in photography, it was hard to find where I was going to fit as a Black woman,” she says. “Growing up, I didn’t see as many people like me working in photography and getting national and international recognition. Now, people are looking to us more and actually respecting our work. It’s been really uplifting, and it has been motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing.”

By Alyssa Bedrosian
Photography by Martin W. Kane

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