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HAWAII NATIVE. French scholar. The best Frisbee thrower on Kaplan Commons. The loudest supporter at any UNCG Athletics game. Reference librarian Mark Schumacher has been on the faculty of University Libraries since 1979, and this year, he retires.

Over more than four decades, he has helped thousands of professors and students locate materials. Before students and faculty could save files to a floppy disk, Schumacher helped them print out scrolls of results. As research moved to the internet, and reference systems experienced a complete overhaul, Schumacher was there to help scholars find what they needed.

“While things changed, they didn’t change so instantaneously that we couldn’t keep up,” he says.

He took part in a ceremony to bid farewell to the old card catalog and continued guiding Jackson Library visitors toward the information they sought.

“When someone brought in a question that seemed kind of tricky, when somebody was looking for something they had no idea of how to find – I found it very rewarding to help them,” he says.

Around 1979, Ultimate Frisbee took root at UNCG, and for many years Shumacher was the faculty advisor. There’s even a team Frisbee with an image of his face on it. He played on a team until he was 61, and you can still spot him throwing on the EUC lawn from time to time.

Many from UNCG also know him from soccer and basketball games.

“We loved hearing you loud and clear in the stands,” said a former student-athlete. He even had his own red and yellow cards for soccer games.

In his retirement, Schumacher plans to help in Special Collections, and to continue building a book collection in honor of his mother.

Once again, US News and World Report has ranked UNCG no. 1 in the state for social mobility. For the first time, UNCG is in the top 25 nationally in this category.

An interview about Ultimate Frisbee with Mark Schumacher at UNC Greensboro

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