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Food insecurity has become a pressing issue for students on college campuses in the country in recent years. UNCG is doing what it can to help. Last year, the Division of Student Affairs launched the “Spartan Essentials” program. The initiative included donations of meal swipes and canned food. And these efforts continue, with more donation events planned. As Dr. Cathy Akens, vice chancellor for student affairs, says, it is true evidence of UNCG’s culture of care.

1,214 cafeteria meal swipes were donated last fall by UNCG students for students less fortunate.

34% of students experienced food insecurity per a 2017 UNCG poll, similar to national students’ avg. of about 36% (2018 poll).

7,479 lbs of food were given to students last fall by Spartan Open Pantry.

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Story by Avery Campbell, Alexandra McQueen, and Mike Harris

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