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Cool jazz legend

Jazz icon, band leader, and composer Dave Brubeck was born 100 years ago. 

This fall, the biggest Brubeck centennial celebration in the world will be hosted at UNCG, with an opening concert by the Brubeck Family Quartet, followed by several days of performances, reflections, discussions, choreography, and social events. 

While Brubeck is widely known as an accomplished jazz musician, with his sound as the source of the memorable “Take Five” (composed by Paul Desmond), his classical music is, in the ears of many, equally significant. 

UNCG Professor of Music and pianist John Salmon has arranged and recorded Brubeck’s classical works for the past two decades and has organized UNCG’s celebration. 

The extraordinary event will take place October 22-25, hosted by UNCG’s School of Music and Greensboro’s Music for a Great Space. 

Learn more at vpa.uncg.edu/music/brubeck-centennial.

• John Salmon has recorded, edited, and written about Dave Brubeck’s music and, as did Chick Corea, played a solo at Brubeck’s service in 2014.

• Four of Dave Brubeck’s six children will perform in multiple events at the Centennial Celebration at UNCG.

• “Take Five,” recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1959, remains the top-selling jazz single ever.

See a great Dave Brubeck performance.

[youtube v=”tT9Eh8wNMkw” thumb=”https://uc.uncg.edu/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/cool-jazz-legend-screen-grab.jpg”]

By Susan Kirby-Smith
Photo of Dave Brubeck courtesy of the Milken Family Foundation

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