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Alumnus and Marine veteran Ben Hunter

After finishing up his time running computer networks for the U.S. Marine Corps in San Diego, Ben Hunter 09, ’11 MS and his wife looked at cities across 10 states in the South, “and she chose Greensboro; it has the amenities of a big city with a local feel.” 

Hunter began classes in UNCG’s Entrepreneurship program, but it wasn’t the fit he wanted. “I realized I needed another mission.”

He spent a couple years working for his dad in Elizabeth City—in what was essentially a self-employed position. When tax season arrived Ben was looking at owing thousands of dollars. His mother suggested he go see her accountant—who got them a refund. That’s when he got his mission.

“I realized from being self-employed that I didn’t enjoy the pressure of being it—the one person who has to be there every day to make sure everyone else gets the job done and gets paid. I’d be much happier helping other people make their companies better.”  

He came back to UNCG for a BS and MS in accounting and now combines those skills with his military IT experience as a Chief Information Security Officer for accounting firm Bernard Robinson and Company.

Hunter has great things to say about the firm: They’ve allowed him to work a flex schedule, and they pride themselves on achieving goals, but never at the cost of employees or customers. He is also the president of the local ISACA chapter, active in lay leadership at his church, as well as supporting his family’s sports and arts endeavors. He is also looking forward to public spaces opening back up, as he enjoys public speaking on leadership and cybersecurity and is always looking for opportunities to engage with his community.

“I learned how to learn in the Marine Corps. UNCG gave me a broader base to learn from—I was in business and accounting, but also taking philosophy and theater classes.”  Now he works to pass on what he’s learned—in accounting, cybersecurity, and leadership—to the next generation.

By Colin Cutler ’16 MA

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