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Keivan Ettefagh ’12 PhD focused on lab testing innovations

Keivan Ettefagh was working with James Patrick Healy ’14 PhD and others at Select Laboratory Partners on an innovative COVID test, when we checked in during the first months of the pandemic. They have continued to do COVID testing using the process the company developed at the onset of the pandemic. “My focus (very recently) has been on health management through advanced laboratory testing,” Keivan said. They have begun making presentations on this. The goal? To not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome (eg, diabetes) but save significantly in health care costs by reversing the progression of disease, Keivan explained.

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  • Ernest Dollar

    Ernest Dollar

    Ernest Dollar ’93 continues to tell the story of our state capital as the director of the City of Raleigh Museum. He tells us, “One of my life goals takes place (in April 2022): I have a book coming out on the end of the Civil War in North Carolina.” He has also been very […]

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  • Nancy Adams: NC’s first genetic counselor

    Nancy Adams: NC’s first genetic counselor

    Nancy James Adams ’60, ’77 MS has worked longer as a genetic counselor than anyone else in this state. That’s because this UNC Greensboro alumna was the very first.   Dr. Bruce Eberhart, then the Department Head of Biology, and Dr. Laura Anderton advised Adams on her master’s degree in genetic counseling during the 1970s. It was […]

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  • Notable Illustrator: Suzanne Cabrera

    Notable Illustrator: Suzanne Cabrera

    For Suzanne Cabrera ’07, her art consistently starts by hand, whether that is ensuring traces of her analog process come through in her Open Sketch Book project or in starting The Tiny Greenhouse as a place to share plants and well-designed objects with her community. She shares both projects with her husband, studio partner, and […]

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  • Chase Holleman

    Chase Holleman

    Chase Holleman ’16, when UNCG Magazine last covered him, was Program Director in GCSTOP (Guilford County Solution To The Opioid Problem), located in the UNCG Department of Social Work. In the community’s fight against overdose fatality, he was on the front line. GCSTOP functions as a clinical training site for social work students from UNCG […]

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  • More than a meme! Grace Cindric ’16

    More than a meme! Grace Cindric ’16

    She’s never been a fan of the spotlight, but she admitted it was fun to laugh at the memes that were made from the viral photograph of her working as a nurse early in the COVID pandemic. She’s now working as a travel nurse in hospital emergency departments around the country. She completed an assignment […]

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  • Richard Vestal: From research on Glioblastoma to Zika virus

    While a UNCG doctoral student at JSNN, Richard Vestal ’10 MS, ’15 PhD focuses on identifying ways to target cancer cells, with the goal of reducing the pain and suffering associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments by improving the deliverability of cancer therapies. As he explained in a UNCG Magazine story, his father died as […]

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