Digital Asset Library – Viewing, Selecting, and Sorting Assets

Merlin currently has four options for viewing/displaying assets: Gallery (or Grid), List, Single Item, and Slideshow views.


Selecting an asset in the Main Content area will show related metadata and usage rights palettes.

Viewing Assets

A tool tip describes each view option when the mouse hovers over the tool. Gallery (or Grid) view is the default.


Merlin -- Grid view

Gallery (Grid) View

View items arranged by rows and columns.



Merlin -- list view

List View

View items arranged by rows

Merlin -- single image view

Single Item View

Show one item at a time.

Merlin -- Grid View

Slideshow View

Show one item at a time, with black background and option to fill screen.

Sorting Results

Use the Sort Order tool to change the sorting order of items shown in the Main Content area.


Commonly used sort options include:

  • Input Newest First
  • Input Oldest First
  • Created Newest First
  • Created Oldest First
  • Relevance
  • Byline
  • Object
Merlin Sort Order Options drop-down

Using the Selection Tool

The number near the selection tool (check mark icon) in the toolbar indicates how many photos are currently selected.

  • Click on an image in the Main Content area to select it.
  • Click the selection tool to select all photos in a search or in a collection.
  • Click the selection tool again to deselect all photos.
Merlin -- Selection Tool
Merlin -- select multiple assets

Selecting Multiple Assets (Ctrl Key)

Select multiple photos using the Ctrl key on a PC, Cmd key on a Mac.

Merlin -- select multiple consecutive assets

Selecting Consecutive Assets (Shift Key)

To select consecutive photos, use the Shift key.

Compare Items

Merlin Toolbar image indicating the Compare Tool


Use the Compare Tool to compare two or more items side-by-side.


A. Select Items to Compare:


Select multiple items and click the “Compare Tool” in the toolbar to view items side-by-side in Compare mode.

Merlin Compare Tool - compare items side by side

B. Navigating the Compare Screen:

Each window in the Compare Screen has its own set of navigation tools. Use the arrows in each window of the Compare Screen to move through the selected items for side-by-side comparison.

To exit the Compare Screen, click the “X” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Merlin Compare Tool - compare items side by side