As UNC Greensboro takes previously announced actions to move most courses online as part of our collective effort to help contain coronavirus spread, we have created several new resources for our community.

Please visit, and for comprehensive information and guides to the University’s support resources and tools that you may need to ensure instruction, research, and business continuity. Tiles for these resources are available on the UNCG Mobile app as well. You can also visit our main coronavirus resource page for ongoing information, links to these above referenced pages, and updates.

The featured software, applications, tools, techniques, and other resources have been available to our faculty, staff, and students for some time, but they are now collected and organized in these new locations so that they are easier to access. Please visit these sites regularly as new tools and resources may become available.

Many thanks to the individuals and teams who came together to develop these sites to keep us learning, teaching, and working during this challenging time.