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012710Feature3_MossmanA steering committee has been named to develop recommendations on how to implement the administrative restructuring that places the Division of Student Affairs within the Division of Academic Affairs.

Provost David Perrin announced the Student Affairs/Academic Affairs Restructuring Steering Committee, which is co-chaired by Dr. Cherry Callahan and Dr. Steve Roberson. A trio of subcommittees will focus on the areas of retention/persistence, living-learning, and leadership and service learning. The UNC Board of Governors approved the restructuring on Friday, Jan. 8.

Those appointed are:

  • Student Affairs/Academic Affairs Restructuring Committee: Roberson and Callahan, co-chairs, Dr. Jen Day Shaw, Dr. Micheline Chalhoub-Deville, Dr. Alan Boyette and Dr. Tim Johnston
  • Living-Learning Subcommittee: Dr. Mary Hummel and Chalhoub-Deville, co-chairs, Dr. Brett Carter, Kathy Crowe, Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Dr. John Sopper, Dr. Jim Weeks and Dr. Erin Bentrim-Tapio
  • Retention/Persistence Subcommittee: Boyette, chair, Shaw, co-chair, Kristen Christman, Dr. John Rife, Johnston, Lise Keller, Dr. Kim Sousa Peoples and Dr. Audrey Lucas
  • Leadership and Service Learning Subcommittee: Dr. Celia Hooper and Dr. Checka Leinwall, co-chairs, Dr. Laurie Sims, Dr. Rebecca Adams, Dr. Cathy Hamilton, Dr. Mary Crowe and Dr. Ruth DeHoog.

Perrin said the restructuring will provide a creative environment leading to the development of common goals and new approaches to enhancing student success. The committee is charged with:

  • Reviewing the range of activities, responsibilities and resources for each of the 12 Student Affairs departments and the relevant components of Academic Affairs, to discover opportunities for enhanced cooperation among the two divisions.
  • Recommending how Student Affairs resources will complement the work of Academic Affairs with initial emphasis on retention and persistence, living-learning communities, and leadership and service learning.
  • Proposing organizational restructuring that coordinates activities directly related to student success (e.g., retention, persistence and graduation) under the supervision of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Examining and proposing additional opportunities for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs collaboration and restructuring to better coordinate activities in support of UNCG’s living-learning communities, and leadership and service learning programs.

Responsibility for UNCG’s academic programs, research activities, and student affairs have been consolidated under Perrin, who has the title Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. The position’s direct reports will include the Vice Provost, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, the Deans Council, director of the Weatherspoon Art Museum, director of the Lloyd International Honors College, and director of SERVE. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development will remain members of the Chancellor’s Executive Staff.