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A Very Blustery Day

021710NewsAndNotes_PineTreeWinds on Wednesday, Feb. 10, topped 50 mph, according to news reports. A steeple at a Friendly Avenue church was knocked askew by the gusts.

Jeff Hawkins (Grounds) noticed that the ground below a very large yellow pine on the south side of Gray Residence Hall was heaving due to high gusts of wind. He contacted Hal Shelton and Chris Fay. With the help of Lee Martin, Chris Cardwell, Parking Operations, Campus Police and Emergency Management, the area was completely closed off and within 15 minutes the tree fell, grounds manager Fay says. No one was hurt.

The high winds came while there was still snow on the ground from earlier snowfalls.

Fay noted his department has handled four weekend snowfalls since Demember, sometimes in 12-hour shifts.

“Prior to [each storm] we applied brine from a mixing tank station built in-house with help from carpenters, electricians and plumbers,” he said. The brine was applied to streets and drives, primarily on shaded sections. “We also applied brine to steps and some of the main walks on campus.”

They put out 6,200 gallons of liquid brine solution in total. Also, 25,000 lbs. of ice melt granular product has been used, in addition to 82,800 lbs. of sand.

He added that not only was Grounds working to remove snow and ice. “During the storms, Facilities Services, Trade Shops, and Utilities division were of great help in clearing away snow and ice. It really takes team effort.”