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Collages at Weatherspoon

031710EyeOnArts_GallatinCollage plays a key role in modern and contemporary art.

The exhibition “Coalescence: Collages from the Permanent Collection” will open Sunday, March 21.

The Weatherspoon has an extensive collection of collages, many of which have not been on previous display.

Highlights will include Joseph Stella’s “1920 Chiclets” as well as A.E. Gallatin’s cubist-derived “Composition of 1939” and Ray Johnson’s “Untitled (Gertrude Stein with Judy Garland’s Kitchen).”

The term “collage” derives from the French word, “coller,” meaning “to glue.” The word was coined by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when the technique became a distinctive part of modern art. Since then numerous artists have utilized the technique in diverse ways to create unique works of art. The individual elements that comprise a collage and which can range from diverse images and text to a variety of materials, all join together to determine the work’s content or purpose.