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See/Hear – March 31, 2010

UNCG and the Chilean Ministry of Education had been interested in offering some of their students something more. The Chilean ministry wanted its English teachers to be able to study the language, to absorb the culture and bring it back to their school children. UNCG wanted the same.

“We need a new model for teaching Spanish in schools,” said Steve Flynn, coordinator for the Chilean exchange program. “The only way that will happen is if students spend time in Spanish-speaking countries and learn the language and culture. That’s what’s going to enthuse future generations.”

This year — after years of planning and tweaking and refining — a true exchange was born. As reported by Beth English and photographed by Chris English, the Chilean students who came to UNCG this past fall had quite an experience and had a lot to share.

See the slideshow and read the story, one of the features in the just-released issue of UNCG Magazine.