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The Five Spot

042110FiveSpot_CabralAllyn Cabral (Parking Services) leads the Spartan Steps individual competition. He’s been on staff since last August and drives a Spartan Chariot shuttle. He has been a bus driver for 15 years, most recently driving a charter bus and before that, driving for Greyhound. He acknowledges that bus drivers often have a hard time maintaining their weight. “I’m just the opposite,” he said in a cell phone conversation as he walked briefly between shuttle routes. “I never want to look like that.” Hop on the chariot as he does his route, and he’ll tell you the peak times for picking up Chariot passengers is early in the morning and late in the afternoon. And at the end of every 25 minute route, if there are 3-4 minutes to spare, he walks the LB lot on Lee Street. The key is to leave the lot exactly on time every time. He has always loved walking. He was using his pedometer long before he knew of Spartan Steps. “I don’t do it for that,” he says. “I walk for my health.” He does not listen to music – “I just take in the scenery.” One key is a comfortable walking shoe. He goes with the Reebok walking shoe DMX Max. “You can really tell a difference – it’s easy on your feet.” He says the students on the shuttle know that he’s a walker. “A lot are health-conscious,” he says of the students. “They know I walk.” He and his wife have a baby on the way, all the more reason to be in great shape.

Some thoughts about walking, from a longtime advocate:

  1. A daily routine. I walk every day. I take a walk before I come to work….I never sit in the bus [between routes], till I have to leave again….Most days, 10 miles a day. My wife tells me I walk too much…My daughter and I, we’ll walk [on weekends] to WalMart, six miles.
  2. No training or gym fees required. It’s not something you have to learn.
  3. Most people are already doing it. People don’t realize how much they walk. [Just consider] adding one or two more miles a day.
  4. Keep it simple. I get to take in the scenery. I see a lot of other people walking. Try it.
  5. Start slow. Don’t overdo it. Pace yourself. Don’t rush. I never get tired. It’s good and it’s healthy…