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‘And Then There Were Ten’ BFA Dance Concert

042810EyeOnArts_BFADanceAs graduation nears, the senior BFA dance majors will show their work in their department’s final concert of the season, “And Then There Were Ten,” at 8 p.m. April 30-May 1 and 2 p.m. May 1.

The concert in the UNCG Dance Theater will feature dances choreographed by Erin Casanega, Whitleigh Cook, Lauren Drake, Andrea Lalley, Carrie Simpson, Jessica Stewart, Kay Stewart, Nicole Talarico, Ruth Ward and Marcus White.

Tickets – $12 general admission, $9 for seniors and students and $6 for UNCG students – are available from the UNCG Box Office, http://boxoffice.uncg.edu.

Six dancers perform Erin Casanega’s “arranged fragmentation,” a piece in which a series of images are formed with bodies and sounds.

Whitleigh Cook’s “breathing through…” describes daily emotional trials and is set to the song “Breathe” by Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillet. The piece features dancers Ashley Meeks, Cassandra Pappy, Valerie Underwood and Cook.

Lauren Drake’s “Bodies that [do not] Matter” casts an onslaught of hyperbolic imagery and bodily positioning through the movements of six dancers.

Andrea Lalley was inspired by the way certain words, events and actions shadow personal development. Her quartet, “Memory believes before Knowing remembers,” explores the idea of resiliency and is performed to the music of Dead Man’s Bones.

Carrie Simpson’s “Moments of Muliebrity” explores relationships between women. Five dancers – Chelsea Boccardo, Hilari Bowman, Sara Gaffney, Rachael Mauney and Nicole Talarico – find themselves, at times, lost in lofty sweeping dashes across stage.

“Release in the Exhale,” choreographed by Jessica Stewart, features the song “Goodnight, Travel Well” by the Killers. The dance travels the five stages of grief associated with losing a loved one.

Kay Stewart presents “All I Do is Dream of You.” Emily Aiken, Casey Clanton, Sara Gaffney, Andrea Lalley, Kaylor Parham and Sam Steffen perform duets within the group chaos of this athletic dance.

Nicole Talarico’s “Ties Between,” featuring Andrea Lalley and Kimberly Wilson, explores contemporary ballet and the interactions between two dancers.

Ruth Ward combines her stand-up comedy with movement, body beating and scatting in “It’s All About Me,” a look inside her life, family and childhood.

Marcus White’s “The ga(ZE)” showcases movement and conceptual motifs created by White during his college career. The dance analyzes and critiques our everyday interactions and relationships.