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Textbook Rental Program Coming to Bookstore

Beginning in fall 2010, the UNCG Bookstore will offer students a new, multi-channel textbook rental program designed to deliver maximum savings and convenience.

This innovative textbook rental program will allow students to rent their textbooks for less than 50 percent of the cost of purchasing a new printed textbook. Plus, as an added convenience, students will be able to rent their books either in the store or from the store’s web site UNCG.BNCOLLEGE.COM.

“Students have been asking for this for quite a while,” said Brad Light, store manager, when asked about student demand for this service. “I think it will be high.”

This decision to offer a textbook rental program was a joint decision made UNCG and Barnes & Noble College Booksellers.

Other program features include:

  • Students can pay the rental fees using any form of tender currently accepted by the bookstore – including student financial aid and campus debit cards. (Note: For security purposes, a valid credit card must also be provided regardless of the tender used for the rental fee.)
  • Students can highlight or mark the rented books just as they would if they purchased a book and planned to sell it back to the bookstore.
  • Students can convert their rental to a purchase during the first two weeks of class.
  • The rental period is for the duration of the term/semester. Books are due back at the bookstore no later than 10 days after the last day of finals. Students can return the books in person or mail them to the bookstore.
  • Courtesy emails will go out as the end of the term/semester approaches reminding students to return their books. Books not returned (or returned in unusable condition) will be subject to replacement and processing fees.

Barnes & Noble began piloting their rental program earlier this year at 25 campus bookstores across the country. According to the company, students like having the option of getting their books immediately – as opposed to waiting for a shipment to arrive – and they appreciated knowing that the books they were renting were guaranteed to be the right books for the classes. More than 90 percent of the students surveyed, according to the company, said they would rent from their campus bookstore again.

Light notes an additional program the UNCG Bookstore will offer students, as well. “Students have been asking to charge textbooks to their student account. They can do that now as well. It is a program called Bookstore Bucks. Students can go to the web site: http://bookstorebucks.uncg.edu – and add up to $750 to their student account. Then the money will be added to their Spartan card. The students will be able to use this service online as well.”

For more information about the UNCG Bookstore, visit UNCG.BNCOLLEGE.COM.