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Walking Away with the Prizes

070710Feature1_CabralOnce you lap the world twice, you might as well do it again, it seems.

By June 25, the day the spring Spartan Steps winners were announced, 279 UNCG Steppers had walked a total of 140,805,385 steps or about 70,000 miles.

That’s nearly three times the circumference of the earth.

The winner was Allyn Cabral (in picture), who netted a hundred-dollar gift card as a result. Cabral, a 10-month employee who drives a Spartan Chariot bus, walked 4,558,592 steps. In a spring Campus Weekly 5 Spot feature, he had revealed his secret: taking two or three minutes between each shuttle run to get out and walk a little. Plus he walks in the early mornings and on the weekends.

Second was Wanda Torain. Jill Hillyer, Robert Snyder and Anthony Taylor [who was also featured in an earlier 5 Spot] rounded out the top five finishers.

In total, 43 participants reached the million step mark, Deb Carley (HRS) said, in announcing the winners at the reception June 25.

The departmental leaderboard showed Parking Services in first place. University Advancement was second, followed by Foundation Finance, MBA Office and Specialized Education Services.

After the top finishers were recognized, there was time for Steppers to get their certificates, pick up small prizes like shades and water bottles, and compare notes.

Brian Fuller (Aycock Auditorium) told Chancellor Linda P. Brady some of things he has done to increase his walking, like parking a little further away from his workplace and walking at lunch, as well as enjoying outdoor activities with his family.

She shared as well.

“I walk the stairs of Mossman now,” instead of taking the elevator, Chancellor Linda P. Brady said. “It makes a difference.” And she refrains from driving when on campus. She walks.

She held up her certificate, showing 829,477 steps. As she had tweeted on her Twitter account, that equates to 412 miles over the 100 days.

When does she walk? In addition to the normal walking throughout they day, she goes to a gym in the early morning about five days a week, where she spends an hour on the treadmill. Plus, she walks her dog Scarlet in the evening.

If she is in a lot of meetings in a day, she may reach only 6,000 steps. But on a weekend day where she can be out and about a lot more, she can reach 18,000 steps, she said.

She cited the positives of walking: it helps people manage weight and stress. “It gives you more energy,” she said. She chooses the treadmill about 6 a.m. as part of her regimen “instead of that extra cup of coffee.”

Brady noted HealthyUNCG and also Spartan Steps were emphasized in her end-of-year Chancellor’s Report.

Health and wellness among students, faculty and staff are a part of the UNCG Strategic Plan 2009-2014.

Another Spartan Steps challenge is being planned.