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eMarketplace for One-Stop Shopping

090110Feature_MarketplaceUNCG has implemented a new e-procurement system called the UNC Greensboro eMarketplace.

eMarketplace is an automated, streamlined procurement application that will provide cost savings to departments making purchases.

  • What It Is: eMarketplace is an online marketplace for UNC Greensboro. It is a shopper’s one-stop shopping and requisitioning portal. It will feel very much like shopping at Amazon.com. The eMarketplace allows for browsing by category and adding items to a shopping cart. Shopping becomes as easy as point and click.
  • Where it is: eMarketplace is located online, which makes it an efficient paperless purchasing system, designed to be user friendly. Once trained, shoppers can access it at: http://purchasing.uncg.edu/eMarketplace/
  • Who It Affects: All Shoppers and Requisitioners. Banner continues to be our Finance system of record, but eMarketplace overlays Banner, making your shopping experience easier, faster and more financially relevant. Once a shopper/requester is trained, they will do all their shopping in eMarketplace. All current Banner requesters must be trained by the end of 2010.
  • When Does it Go Into Effect: Training will be held through the end of the year in preparation to go live at the first of January 2011.
  • How You Get Trained: Campus training sessions are scheduled beginning Sept.13. You can sign up online at: http://purchasing.uncg.edu/eMarketplace/training.html. If you have questions regarding training, contact Sandy Rogerson at slroger2@uncg.edu

Shannon Clegg, senior director of Campus Enterprises, said, “This new e-procurement system will provide the ability to bring UNCG’s spending under management, cut processing costs, and negotiate more competitive contracts with major suppliers, hence saving the university departments money.”
Clegg also provided some benefits of an e-procurement system:

  • Establishes a one‐stop shopping and request portal for all request types
  • Easier access for departments to the system
  • Increase overall operational efficiencies across campus
  • Drive purchases to contract suppliers
  • Increase purchase volume to HUB suppliers
  • Enhance strategic sourcing capabilities – new and better contracts
  • Improve efficiency of back‐office staff from procure‐to‐pay

Additional information on the eMarketplace can be found on the Purchasing page at: http://purchasing.uncg.edu/eMarketplace/

By Angie Schrock
Photography of a training session last week by Mark Unrue