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Back in Time, to the 1950s

090810EyeOnArts_HofmannTwo exhibitions related to the 1950s are on view at Weatherspoon.

“Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950”
The exhibition, which runs through Oct. 17, includes an extraordinary body of work created by Hans Hofmann for the architect Josep Sert’s 1950 city plan for Chimbote, Peru, and two dozen other important works from 1950, such as Push Pull and Spiral Nebulous. The nine large-scale Chimbote painting studies Hofmann produced form an example of the depth of Hofmann’s strengths as an abstract painter and modernist visionary. Often heralded more for his influence as a teacher than as an artist, “Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950” intends to situate Hofmann firmly at the center of the genesis American abstract painting.

“Circa 1950: Selections from the Permanent Collection”
In the years following World War II, many innovative American painters came to the fore, focusing attention away from the Paris-based art scene that had long held a position of authority and influence. It was during this time that American abstraction rose to prominence in the national and international art world. This companion exhibition to “Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950” includes paintings, drawings and sculpture mad on or around 1950 by notable artists such as Konrad Cramer, Jimmy Ernst, Gertrude Greene, Gregory Ivy, Turku Trajan, and others. It runs through Oct. 24.