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Want Others to See Your Program’s Calendar?

090810Feature2_GoogleCalYou want to be in-the-know? The UNCG Public Calendar provides lots of events.

You want to get your events on people’s calendars? There’s something new: a UNCG calendar directory that will help people know about your events.

But first, your department or program needs to have a Google calendar. You need to make it public, if it’s not already. You need to make sure it has plenty of events (an empty calendar is not helpful). And you need to submit it to the UNCG calendar directory.

A Campus Weekly story earlier in the summer described the campus’ calendar initiative, and encouraged more departments to create Google calendars. Since that time, more Google calendars have been created around campus and many have been added to one centralized directory. That directory, which “went live” very recently, can be found at http://calendar.uncg.edu/directory/index.php. You may want to bookmark it.

There, you will see many calendars. Some you may be very interested in. Some less so. You may want to know about upcoming lectures in one department, but not in another.

If for example you are interested in the Student Affairs calendar, click “S” to get to it. Or use the “categories” groupings to find the ones you want.

You can create your own personal, customizable “mash-up” calendar, so each time you come back to view it, the calendar will show just the types of events you want to see.

Your personal mash-up calendar would be a combined view of several calendars offered in this directory.

For example, you may be interested in having on your mash-up calendar home volleyball games, theatre events, Staff Senate events and archaeology events.

Click those ones – and any others you’re interested in – to provide the one calendar you want. And you can add or delete calendars at any time.

This customizable app is available to all faculty, staff and students.

Have questions? There is an FAQ section for the Public Calendar, which is a broad calendar for the general public. And there is an FAQ section for the calendar directory, as well as training materials.

Those with questions about placing particular events on the Public Calendar may email dan_nonte@uncg.edu.

The campus calendar effort is a joint venture of Students Affairs Technology, University Relations and Information Technology Services.

The use of these Google calendars is part of the Google Apps for Education initiative. See the related video.

By Mike Harris