UNCG Campus Weekly

Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

About that CW Survey

A year of Campus Weekly in its current format is under our belts. As the year ended, 564 responded to the CW readership survey.

Readers who responded say they value the accuracy of the information in CW, as well as its timelineness and usefulness. 85 percent say it provides them with stories or information they can’t find elsewhere. They want to read about upcoming events and the campus news of the moment, they say.

They like the photography.

But many don’t like the current CW layout/design. Some are emphatic about that (though not all – 9 percent say they like the layout/design very much).

In the coming weeks I will share and respond, here in CW, to some of the comments/suggestions received about CW – there were a lot. For readers who may be interested, the results and comments gathered by the survey may be accessed by clicking: CW 2010 Survey Results,Comments.

Looking back at the past year in CW:
The most visited story in 2010 was the November interview with Provost Perrin regarding academic restructuring. Last year’s 10 most visited posts/pages – you’re invited to click on them – are:

According to Google Analytics, from the timespan of the first issue of 2010 to the end of the calendar year (Jan. 13-Dec. 31), there were 46,842 visits to CW and 230,094 page views.

CW 2010 Survey Results,Comments