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CW’s ‘Print This Issue’ Better Than Before

One striking response, in looking at comments received in the December CW survey, is that many readers use the Print This Issue function.

Some examples of comments related to this:

“I like that one may click the box to print, then read it on-line.”

“I read it on the computer, but I like the format of when you go to “Print this Issue” and then I just read it there.”

“I do not find the current online format ‘user friendly’ or easy to navigate. I usually just view the ‘Print This Issue’ screen, and scroll through all the articles. (I don’t actually print the issue.)”

“I go to where you can print it…then view it as a whole…but don’t print. Like it that way. The other way of clicking through the different sections was confusing to me. Where had I been and where did I need to go next?”

“Easily print out ONLY the current week’s issue.”

“My preference would be to have a direct link to one big file I could scroll through quickly without having to find the print button.”

Starting last week, the email notice has a direct link not only to CW’s main page, but also to the “Print This Issue” page. This allows the reader, if they prefer, to view all the stories in the issue, with no distractions from links to earlier stories. From the main page, this function can be accessed by clicking “Print This Issue.” Some readers tell me they simply read it, scrolling down story after story.

For those who want to print it out, the “Print this Issue” function was adjusted in December so that the “gibberish” that once was found on the first and last pages when you printed it out has been removed. The printed copy looks “cleaner” now.

The Print This Issue function is available for each issue until the end of the week. (For example, from the moment the stories post, which is usually late afternoon on Tuesdays, through the end of day Saturday.)