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Adventures in the Great Outdoors

012611Feature_GrandCanyonYou might expect that students enjoy the trips offered by UNCG’s Outdoor Adventures each semester. International students are among the many who take advantage of the high-value trips, where transportation is included.

But faculty regularly sign up for the trips as well.

“I have taken three trips with OA – a whitewater kayaking trip on the Green River, a whitewater rafting trip on the French Broad River and a canoe camping trip near Goose Creek State Park,” says Dr. Charles Egeland (Anthropology). He is signed up for a spring Everglades trip, “which should be fantastic.” (That trip filled up quickly.)

Egeland grew up in Colorado, and always loved the outdoors. “Once I moved to North Carolina to join the faculty at UNCG, one of the first things I wanted to do was explore different parts of the state. Thanks largely to OA, I’ve discovered that North Carolina has a lot to offer.”

The trips are great, he says. “The staff at OA is also fantastic. They’re fun to be around and it’s clear that they really enjoy being out there.”

His favorite time on a trip? “It would be on the canoe camping trip: one night after dinner we took the canoes out and it was just you, your canoe and the light of a full moon reflecting off the calm water of the river. Unbelievably beautiful.”

Talking about “unbelievably beautiful,” there’s the big Grand Canyon / Lake Powell trip offered later this semester, one of many trips, big and small, offered:

Southwest U.S. Canyon Expedition

  • May 8-17
  • Looking for a multi-day adventure to kick-start your summer? Join Outdoor Adventures and explore the most spectacular canyons in the United States. Filled with history, culture, and great geological significance, the Grand Canyon & Lake Powell are a great attraction.
  • OA will trek into the Grand Canyon and spend several days exploring the unique desert wilderness by foot. The area you would travel provides spectacular views of the Colorado River, as well as the spring foliage of the desert, including prickly pear and yellow yucca. Evenings will be spent under the stars atop a mesa and other geological features.
  • Then OA will swap packs for paddles and explore Lake Powell, the second-largest reservoir in the United States. Lake Powell offers a surreal landscape of crystal-clear lake surrounded by colorful canyons, peaks and buttes. Days will be spent exploring, by kayak, the far reaches and slot canyons of this expansive lake. Nights will be spent camping on the sandy shores surrounded by the steep canyon walls.
  • Experience the area through backpacking, camping, and kayaking.
  • Student Cost: $1,175 Faculty/Staff/Guests: $1,275
  • Cost includes round-trip group airfare, meals (except on travel days), permit fees, camping/lodging fees, ground transportation, activity equipment and instruction.

Contact UNCG Outdoor Adventures for more information.

  1. Phone: 334-4033
  2. Email: uncg_oa@uncg.edu
  3. Web: campusrec.uncg.edu/programs/outdoor
  4. Schedule showing upcoming trips, from Lake Brandt canoeing to an Appalachian Trail jaunt: http://campusrec.uncg.edu/programs/outdoor/trips/
  5. Facebook: UNCG Outdoor Adventures (includes pictures from all the trips)
  6. Stop by OA in the Student Recreation Center, noon-6 p.m.

By Mike Harris
Visual: An earlier OA trip to Grand Canyon