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Peace Studies Talks, on Middle East and 9-11

033011NewsAndNotes_JohanA TRANSCEND peace studies conference will be on campus this week. Two talks are open for to everyone.

Dr. Johan Galtung of Norway, one of the founders of peace studies as an academic discipline, is the founder of TRANSCEND, a global peace, development and environment network, and TRANSCEND Peace University. He founded the world’s first peace research institute in Oslo in 1959 and the Journal of Peace Research in 1964. He has published over 1,500 articles and more than 140 books, with translations into 33 languages, some of which are used in the curriculum of the M.A. program in Conflict and Peace Studies at UNCG.

Two free, public events are offered:

Wendesday, March 30, 7 p.m., “The Middle East Right Now: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Therapy,” Dr. Johan Galtung, EUC Auditorium.

Friday April 1, 10 a.m, “Understanding 9/11: Ten Years Later,” Dr. Johan Galtung, Graeme MacQueen and Marilyn Langlois, Sullivan Science Building, Room 101.

Visual: Dr. Tom Matyok and Dr. Johan Galtung, 2010.