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Wind Damage from Overnight Storm

040611NewsAndNotes_WindDamageThe storm that blew through Guilford County in the early morning hours April 5 left some damage in its wake, on campus. Chris Fay detailed some of the damage:

  • One pine tree down across the McIver walkway near Eberhardt Building and Sullivan Science.
  • A large limb broke off an oak tree between the Quad and the Fountain. “We’ll probably lose that tree,” Fay said.
  • One tree was partially uprooted at the original site of the Chancellor’s House.
  • A crab-apple in front of the Alumni House was damaged. “We’ve lost it,” Fay said.

In addition, there was some structural damage, he said. A ridge cap at the peak of the roof of Moore HRA Building came off. The Steam Plant lost some slate panels.

At Kaplan Commons in front of the Elliott University Center, one of the two sculptures was blown off its pedestal.

By Mike Harris
Photograph by Mike Harris