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At Unit Level: Academic Program Review Committees, Timeline

The review process is gearing up.

Responses to the undergraduate program, graduate program and department surveys are due on April 15, notes Dr. Rebecca Adams, associate provost for planning and assessment.

Unit-level review is scheduled to be conducted May 1-June 15.

In appointing the program review committees and deciding on their composition, the provost and the deans adhered to the guidelines outlined in the 2011 Program Process Review document available at opa.uncg.edu/programreview, Adams adds.

The unit-level committees are the following:

Bryan School of Business & Economics Program Review Committee
Daniel Winkler (Chair)
Ed Arrington
Stephen Holland
Lakshmi Iyer
Joe Erba
Harper Roehm
Connie Uselman
Mitchell Church
Lindsey Phillips
Roxanne Tave

College of Arts & Sciences Program Review Committee
Ruth DeHoog (Chair)
Edward Beaver
Shelly Brown-Jeffy
Maya Chhetri
Steve Danford
Margaret Dargatz
Keith Debbage
Mary Ederhardinger
Alice Haddy
Anne Hershey
Wendy Jones-Worden
Paul Mazgaj
Julia Mendez
Amy Purcell
Karen Weyler
Dave Wharton

School of Health and Human Performance Program Review Committee
Kristine Lundgren (Chair)
Bill Evans
Paige Morris
Bill Karper
Sheryl Coley
Ja’Lisha Pone
David Cardenas
Diane Gill

School of Human Environmental Sciences Program Review Committee
Martha Taylor (Chair)
Melissa Floyd-Picard
Nancy Miller
David Demo
Kevin Carter
Sharon Mims
Amy Strickland
Jacalyn Claes
Peggy Craig
April Judge
Natalie Sloane
Nicole Mayer
Kristina Martinez
Delisia Matthews

School of Music, Theatre and Dance Program Review Committee
John Gulley (Chair)
Michael Burns
Connie McKoy
Greg Carroll
Mitch Fore
Noah Hock
Sarah Arnett
Sam Bailey

School of Education Program Review Committee
Sam Miller (Co-Chair)
Terry Ackerman (Co-Chair)
Jewell Cooper
Karen Stacherski
Mary V. Compton
Scott Young
Clara Chu
Svi Shapiro
Carl Lashley
Cheryl Albold
Canesha Hewett

School of Nursing Program Review Committee
Lynne Lewallen (Chair)
Carolyn Blue
Donald Kautz
Connie Rankin
Jie Hu
Dana Donaldson
Shawn Ripperton
Elizabeth Weeks

A more detailed listing for each of these committees can be viewed in the pdf files at http://opa.uncg.edu/programreview/committees.aspx