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University Program Review: Committee, Timeline, Forum

041311Headline_ProgramReviewProgram review at the university level will be the topic of the Wednesday, April 20, Faculty Senate forum. It will begin at 3 p.m. in the EUC Auditorium. The university community is welcome. Dr. Roy Schwartzman, chair of the University-Level Program Review Committee, as well as Dr. Alan Boyette and Steven Serck will lead the discussion. Dr. Rebecca Adams will be present to answer questions as well

University-level review will be conducted June 15-Aug. 31. (See below for a list of members of the University Program Review Committee.) The committee’s recommendations are scheduled to be available electronically Aug. 31, and will be presented to Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government Association and Graduate Student Association in September.

In mid-November, Provost Perrin is scheduled to forward program review recommendations to Chancellor Brady.

Schwartzman has begun a blog about the committee’s upcoming work and his perspective as chair. His posts have included: “Philosophy: Empower and Listen to Programs,” “Where We Are & How We Got Here,” “Program Review or Program Elimination?” “Chronicle Chronicles” and “Expanding the Options.”

This “UNCG Academic Program Review” blog is linked at the university’s Program Review web page.

The full membership of the University-Level Program Review Committee is:
Roy Schwartzman (Chair)
Ken Snowden
Jennifer Walter
Stephanie Kurtts
Robert Strack
Andrea Hunter
Beth Barba
Jason Morris
Shuntay McCoy
Bonnie Landaverdy
Laura Chesak
Steve Roberson
Alan Boyette (Non-Voting)
Rebecca Adams (Non-Voting)

A more detailed listing of this committee’s membership can be viewed at http://opa.uncg.edu/programreview/docs/committees//University_Program_Review_Committee.pdf

The membership of the unit-level committees, which begin their work May 1, can be viewed at https://uc.uncg.edu/prod/cweekly/2011/04/12/atunitleveltimeline/.

By Mike Harris